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NOTICE: Hopefully, we will never need this list but it might be a good thing to keep in your files.
                               OKEECHOBEE COUNTY SHELTER LIST
   *Primary Shelters (Others will be opened ONLY if necessary)
    Shelter Name Shelter Type Shelter Address
1. Okeechobee Co Health Department (Primary Shelter)
    Special Needs Shelter (Must pre-register) 1728 NW 9th Avenue
2. South Elementary School (Primary Shelter) General Population
    Shelter2468 SW 7th Avenue
3. Osceola Middle School (Secondary Shelter) General Population Shelter825
    SW 28th Street
4. Central Elementary School General Population Shelter610 SW to Avenue
5. Everglades Elementary School General Population Shelter3725 SE 8th
6. North Elementary School General Population Shelter3000 NW 10th
7. Seminole Elementary School General Population Shelter2693 NW 42nd
8. Yearling Middle School General Population Shelter925 NW 23rd Lane
    Important: Shelters will only be opened on an as-needed basis (at the
    discretion of the County Emergency Management Director). You should
    stay tuned to local radio and TV stations for announcements regarding
    shelter openings.
**Persons with Special Medical Needs MUST Register In Advance (space is
    Registration forms in English & Spanish can be located on the Special
    Needs Shelter Registration Page

Okeechobee County Emergency Management DepartmentPhone: (863) 763-3212

Community Information Line: (863) 824-6888 Fax# (863) 763-4565

NOTICE: EMERGENCY PROCEDURES:  What to do in an emergency. A personal Preparedness information will list will be posted ASAP.
1.  Charge all cell telephones, portable battery operated radio’s, keep
     abreast of all warning systems in your town.  Stay informed.
2.  Have 7 days of food (canned food that does not have to be heated and a
     manual opener) , water, and medicines you might need.  Don’t forget
     your pets needs.
3.  Secure you identification and any information to your well-being in a
     safe place (i.e., such as an index card identifying
     allergies, necessary medication, and any potentially life-threatening
     aliments).  Remember, you may not be able to
      communicate this information verbally if you are hurt.
4.  Keep a cord phone handy, if you have one, can buy one or borrow one.
     They may work when cell phones won’t. Cells may not work or have
     service for day.
5.  There are no hurricane rated buildings in Blue Cypress Golf and RV
6.  Know where shelters are located in Okeechobee.  If you are a pet owner
     make sure pre-storm that your shelter accepts them.
7.  Keep a list of emergency phone numbers, family members numbers,
      your doctor, your pets vet, pharmacy, insurance agent, police, fire,
     ambulance, etc.
8.  Keep a first aid kit available.
9.  Keep a full tank of gas in your vehicle.
10. Get the proper fuel for  your generator, if you own one.  Make sure you
      know how to operate a generator before trying to use it.
11. Make a map of your water, gas or electric, shut off values, fuses, or
12. Secure everything that must remain outside and bring in everything you
13. Prior to losing power keep your refrigerator and a cold setting and if
       you lose power do not open the refrigerator door only when necessary.
14. Fill bath tubs and sinks with water in order to use for toilet flushing and
      washing up in the event water is unavailable during or post-storm.
15. Do not use candles unless closely supervised and never when sleeping.
16.  Invest in battery operated or hand crank lanterns and flashlights.
17.  Let family members where you are and how to contact you.  You may
       want to give them a copy of your home and auto insurance policies.
       The information was put together from a letter we received from
        Levine Law Group, it is not an exhaustive list and is not meant to be all-
        inclusive.  The Levine Law Group provides full services relating to
        hurricane and casualty matters.
NOTICE:  Access to our financial reports and information by Florida Statute  are restricted to unit owners.  Florida Statute 718.111(12) states, “The association’s website must be accessible through the Internet and must contain a sub-page-web portal, or other protected electronic location that is inaccessible to the general public and accessible only to unit owners and employees of the Association”.  We appreciate your interest in Blue Cypress Golf and RV Resort.