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The Golf Club

The Blue Cypress Golf and RV Resort “Golf Club” is our page to keep our members informed of the memberships available, league play days, tee times, upcoming golf events, updates and changes to the course.  With a little cooperation form Mother Nature and proper care this summer we will be returning to great looking putting greens for the upcoming season.

Reports coming in indicate that the sprigs are taking root and beginning to sprout.  We have a long way to go be the trains on the track. We are still on target to meet our estimated costs of $12, 530.74.  Updates will be posted here, on the Association Notifications and the Facebook page.

Notice: Ladies Wilson Prostaff golf club, midsize, pitching wedge, with a graphite shaft. It was found on the 1st hole Tee box. It has been there for several days. If this is your club you can pick it up in the office.

The Resort’s largest asset is getting a serious FACELIFT.  Maybe some of the Owners will be interested.;-) I know I am ready to see what happens. Now that the sprigging is done we will begin prepping a 6-foot “collar around the greens for seed planting with Pan-Am Bermuda. This collar of grass is the best insurance to prevent weed intrusion and nutient loss for the new greens.  As the wet-season begins the fairways will be aerated for the first time in probably 15-20 years and lightly fertilized to build stronger roots structure in an effort to build up some resistance to the Winter dry season and heavy traffic that grass has to endure.